We are using the Serrano database for research for our thesis. Among many other variables, we are using the "status" present in the Bookslut file. However, we do not seem to find any explanation of the values of this variable in the Serrano Document? The values show A, B, I, K, and O.

March 24, 2021

A – Active. All Financial statements are set to A, if not else is stated.

I – Inactive. The financial statements are set to inactive if it is stated in the Annual Report and the turnover is less than 10 KSEK.

B – Deficiency according to Bolagsverket. (This is not a term that should occur after the year 2012.)

O – Incomplete. Bisnodes set this code when the data in the Financial statement is not correct, when sums don´t add up or it is not compliant with Aktiebolagslagen.

K – Commissioner (Kommisionär på svenska), The company reports their income statement in another companys financial statement. The balance sheet is reported in their own financial statement