We are currently trying to download data from the Serrano database provided by the SHOF Research Data Center. When attempting to download the files and unzipping them (for either STATA or SAS) we encounter a number of issues.

Wondering if there is something wrong with our approach or if there is something wrong with the files?

March 24, 2020

Please firstly download all parts of the zipped Serrano dataset to the same folder. There should be 12 files for STATA and 13 files for SAS, each has a different part number. Once you have all the files downloaded, you could unzip them using archive managers. The data will be extracted into a folder containing 6 datasets. 

 Below is an example downloading current Stata version of Serrano: 

You need to firstly download all parts to the same folder as below, and then unzip them.

You shall find all extracted Stata data files in a folder named "Serrano_Stata_2019" by default. As listed below.